Jessica Valenti on Rape Schedules

Jessica Valenti on Rape Schedules

Jessica Valenti on Rape Schedules


I read this quote by the awesome Jessica Valenti a couple of days ago and it just rang so true! I continually alter my schedules and actions in order to avoid being sexually assaulted. I’ll try to come home early or ask a friend a drop me if I’m late. I’ll make sure my car doors are locked. I’ll take main road (roads like Madhya Marg which I avoid like the plague) if I’m coming late. I don’t think I’ve taken a walk outside my house, alone, in years. I only use Meru Cabs if I’m in Delhi and spend half my salary paying for them. I have friends who have to reach home before sundown as they take public transport and don’t feel safe later. Another friend carries a small knife with her because she has to walk from the main road to her home at night after work. Another friend refuses to walk to the Punjab University library alone. Another friend who stays by herself in a PG here texts me whenever she’s out in the evenings or at night so someone knows where she is. And the list goes on. 


It’s utter madness and I’m shocked at how I’ve become so completely accustomed to it. 


What’s your rape schedule? What are the things you do everyday to avoid sexual assault? 



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Rubina Singh is Director of Hollaback! Chandigarh.

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