The Pledge Project – Take the pledge to keep Chandigarh safe!

This year we’ve seen a number of crimes committed against women being highlighted. These cases, including that of a girl being gang raped in a bus by 6 men, have shaken us to the core. We can protest. We can light candles and hold up signs. We can shout till our throats are sore to get the government and police to take action.
This year we’ve decided to take that responsibility on to ourselves. The police cannot be everywhere, but we can. Each one of us can take the responsibility to keep our cities safe.

We can PLEDGE to speak up when we see a woman being harassed on the streets.

We can PLEDGE to intervene when a woman is being raped.

We can PLEDGE to simply dial 100 or 1091 to save a woman’s life and dignity.

There is so much that we, as a community, can do to stop crimes against women. I urge each and every one of you to come and take this pledge with us.


We will be taking pledges at the following places from tomorrow onwards:

Friday 21 December, 2012
12.30 pm – 2.30 pm – DAV COLLEGE, Sector 10

Saturday 22 December, 2012
2.00 pm – 5.00 pm – Books and Brew Café – Sector 16

Sunday 23 December, 2012
3.00 pm – 6.00 pm – Books and Brew café – Sector 38

For more information/volunteering, please contact us at [email protected] or 9876784670

Event details –




Rubina Singh is Director of Hollaback! Chandigarh.

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  2. Rajeev Bisht says:

    We ask for forgiveness : Nirbhaya “Damini”. We are sorry that we are a part of the society and culture responsible for this brutal, barbaric and shocking act. We have tolerated / neglected many such incidences in the past that has made barbarians act more overtly and prolifically.
    Should we not shut all temples where we pretend to worship the female form. Our hands are drenched with the blood of our own daughter. Let’s cleanse them with Castration or Bobbit-isation (amputation of P) of the 6 accused men.
    The “valiant heart” victim of the wicked crime might have left us, but her fighting spirit shall live forever.

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